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SOBTC Classes & Programs


Voice Lessons

Available for adult and youth students, voice lessons are taught by South of Broadway Theatre Company (SOBTC) Producer, Mary Gould, who offers high-powered classes based on New York and European training. 

Summer in NYC

 For 2021, Summer in NYC gets a makeover:

This  year we will be celebrating the  Re-Opening of Broadway!   This is a one week trip to NYC  from  August 3-10. No classes. No studying.  A summer vacation where we  get to    participate as    the Big Apple and The Great White Way roar    back to life.
                   -Perfect Summer getaway for the
                      whole family
                   -Open to all ages
                   -Attend  5 Broadway  Shows
                   -Stay  at the Juilliard School
                      Residence      Hall
                   -Shop 'till you drop....
                   -Explore    NYC and the   5

Space is limited: Contact

Piano Lessons

Available for adult and youth students, piano lessons are taught by the one and only Abdiel Iriarte, our Venezuelan Maestro. With 22 years as a composer, arrangest, pianist and musical director, Abdiel is adept at helping budding musicians find their tune. 

Private & Group

Acting Classes

Coaching sessions can be tailored to your specific needs as an actor. Whether you are preparing for an audition or looking to brush up on your technique, one on one coaching can help you reach your performance goals.  Sessions are available for ages 9 and up.

Group sessions are great for scene work, character work and ensemble building. This is a great opportunity for the young actor.  We will create a safe space for partner work and explore the importance of collaboration and working together in the theatre space.  Like a private session, it can be tailored to the specific needs of the actors. Great for siblings, friends and classmates.

Elissa Horrell is an actor, singer, teacher and lover of the theatre arts. She has been working in the theatre for over fifteen years, and has received her BFA in Theatre Performance and Masters in Theatre Education.

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